One of the must-have software for Windows or Linux computer is a download manager. Inbuilt download utility of modern browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or Firefox is not as powerful as a standalone software like IDM.

Excluding chrome, none of these web browsers support pause/resume feature. Thus, if a task of saving a 1GB file stops at 90%, you’ll have to download the whole file again.

I won’t confuse you by sharing 5 or 10 download managers. The applications I’ve shared through this article are the best in the business. You can try them out for free.

Best download managers for 2017

3Internet Download Manager

I’m a huge fan of IDM because it offers many features. This software supports batch downloads wherein the files are downloaded in FIFO manner. IDM can save a full website or page to your hard disk for offline access. It categorizes each downloaded file.

The categories are unfinished, queues, finished, etc. IDM supports browser integration. Thus, it can detect direct links to media, music, documents, application or any other downloadable files on any website. This software can download a file of any extension that you specify in file types section of IDM’s configuration utility. When you install it on your PC, IDM gives you an option to enable the browser integration feature. Users can use IDM in 12 international languages.

This software features a speed limiter module, with which you can control the download speed. IDM can pause or resume a downloading task. It can be installed and run on Windows XP, 8, 7 or 8.1 operating system installed laptops and computers. To use IDM, you’ve to activate its trial license or you have to purchase its key for a price around 25 dollars.

2Free Download Manager

Unlike IDM, this is a completely free software. Here are the features of FDM:

Download Box: When FDM is installed, it will display a small box that boasts an arrow icon at the bottom right corner of your display. If you want to download a file from a website, simply click on the file link and drag it to this box.

Traffic usage: If you want to control the speed at which a file will be downloaded, visit this tool. In this tool, you’ll see the select light, heavy or medium mode options.

HTML Spider: With this feature, you can download each and every page of a website to your hard disk drive (Provided if a site has a good navigation structure). FDM will display each file that can be reached through the URL you specify. This is one of the best features of free download manager.

Converter: Video or music files downloaded through FDM can be converted to popular file formats like MP3, MPEG2, MP4, AVI. The quality of a media file can be customized and the video resolution can be changed to as low as 160 x 720 pixels or as high as 720 x 756 pixels.

Scheduler: Just like IDM, users can schedule a download of file or website.

The above 2 software are the best download managers for 2017. IDM is not free but you can try it out on your computer for a few weeks. FDM is free and it is the best alternative to internet download manager. Excluding its inbuilt scheduler, FDM offers better features than IDM.



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