The weakest feature of Android OS is its default dialer application which serves two purposes, i.e., dial a number and edit a contact. If you want to make your phone or voice calling tablet more useful, replace the default dialer with any of the below apps to enjoy some fresh and innovative features.

Best Android dialer apps


EXDialer is an app that allows users to categorize their contacts in groups. If your phonebook has 1000s of numbers, finding a particular contact is an easy task in Exdialer. Why is this so? Well, the app features a search tool.

ExDialer sorts all your contacts by name. You can change the sorting order by altering the settings. Exdialer features five cool skins, i.e., lollipop, crystal, simplism, simp, and classic.

With ExDialer, you can easily configure events and actions, i.e., when you tap on a number, you can make this app display a dialog box that includes options to make VoIP or regular GSM calls.

Exdialer includes plenty of useful features. You should try it out if you’re not happy with the default dialer in your handset.

Space required: less than 3MB | Download from Google Play Store


Dialer Plus doesn’t require any special permissions but you must install the Contact+ application to use it. C+ is bundled with some useful utilities. It has a duplicate number remover, inbuilt app locker, caller id, an option to add a profile picture to contacts, etc.

Contact Plus includes spam call and SMS filtering module. You can configure it to disable SMS notification for all contacts. C+ supports photo syncing, notifications, customization and backup. D+ is a fast app, and it is a good replacement for the default contact list and dialer on your Android device.

Size: 22MB | Download here.

4Google Hangouts Dialer

This app refers some of the installation files of the Google Hangouts app. Hence, make sure that you install Google Hangouts before downloading GHD.

GHD allows you to make free calls to a person residing in any state of the US and Canada. You can use it to make cheap local calls too. When you run it, GHD will prompt you to sign into your Google account after which it will request you to add your phone number.

The interface of this app is web-based and it is very attractive. If you’re a Gmail user, you can quickly access your inbox with Hangouts dialer. Unlike the above apps, GHD will not replace your stock dialer app. Thus, you must run it to use the free/cheap voice calling feature. Use hangouts if you prefer calling people with VoIP technology (3G or 4G).

Download link.

3True Phone Dialer

The True Phone dialer app allows you to filter the call log data by type of call i.e. incoming, missed, blocked, outgoing. It lets you optimize, categorize, merge, share, split, rename and blacklist contacts. You can configure this app to show contacts saved in the phone’s storage memory, Google account or both.

The app allows you to view the call logs for a contact. You can set a ringtone for your favorite contact with the True Phone Dialer app. The application provides an option to send a message to the contact and enable call forwarding/waiting services on your mobile phone.

True Phone dialer offers 5 color themes. In addition to this, it allows users to create their own theme by specifying a color for the dial pad, font, call button, background modules of the app. BY default, True Phone’s interface is divided into 4 sections. If you find some of the tabs annoying, you can disable them by navigating to the app settings interface. True Phone has plenty of features and it is a lightweight app.

Size: Within 7 to 8 megabytes | Download link


The developers of Truecaller caller ID app have published their alternative to stock Android dialer in the form of TrueDialer. The application makes smart use of Android swipe events. To switch between alphabetic and numeric keyboard, you just have to swipe left or right. Similarly, to check the contact details, tap on the number and move it to left.

TrueDialer will automatically scan your phone numbers, and if it detects an unknown number, this app will fetch contact details from the TrueCaller directory. Then, it will display the contact name above all unknown numbers.

Spam numbers will be highlighted in red color in the contact list. You can configure TrueDialer to display missed call notifications. In my perspective, TD is the best dialer app for Android. If you try it out, you will never uninstall TD from your device.

Download from Play Store.

Conclusion: I have downloaded, installed and tested each of the above application before mentioning them in this article. Frankly speaking, I never expected them to perform so well.

After spending a couple of hours with the above contact dialers, I’ve decided to keep Google hangouts, TPD, and TrueDialer on my phone as the features offered by these three apps are awesome.



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