The best way to exercise the mind is to install and play the brain teasers games on a mobile phone. These games are bundled with 100’s of unique puzzles and interesting riddles. They work in offline mode. The games include modules that track the progress and achievements of the user. They also make users aware of the IQ level and thinking speed.

The brain teaser games will present a problem to the users. They include a free hint that enables users to find a solution to the problem.

Below, I’ve shared the 10 best brain teasers games for Android that adults and kids can play on their mobile devices. The games will improve your logic skills. They don’t have sophisticated graphics. Hence, the games are compatible mobiles running on Android 2.3+ operating systems. Here’s the list:

Best Puzzle Games for Android

1Word Search

Word Search is a free puzzle game that enables you to discover and learn new words on your mobile phone or tablet. WS provides 2000+ word puzzles. The game has three difficulty levels.

When you run the game, you’ll see a list of words that you must find in the grid of alphabets arranged in random order. Once you find a word, you must use the swipe gesture to mark it as found. Word Search provides free hints and it displays the time you’ve taken to complete the game.

You can play the WordSearch game in multiplayer mode. WS provides an option to unscramble the hidden words in the grid.

Download Word Search


Elevate is a free game that can make you a smarter person. According to the firm that has developed this game, Elevate improves your cognitive skills.

When you run Elevate on your mobile device, the game will make you choose the skills you want to improve. The skills include thinking, focus, problem-solving and memorizing ability.

Elevate allows you to set weekly goals. This game presents the new round of challenges every day. It has 40+ challenges. The game monitors your scores and makes you aware of it. Elevate is a must-have app for the users who want to improve their English, vocabulary, grasping and reading skills.

Download Elevate


Lumosity is yet another interactive brain teaser game with plenty of features. I would recommend you to install Elevate as well as Lumosity. These two games will boost your memory if you play them often.

Lumosity contains 20+ puzzle games that target 5 key cognitive skills of the player. The puzzle game has an insights section where you can learn about your strengths, weaknesses, etc. Lumosity has over 80 million players and its puzzles are designed by experts.

Download Lumosity

4Brain Age Test

This app has been downloaded over 15 million times, so you can imagine how popular this free game is? This puzzle app is based on a simple concept, but it makes you think carefully.

The developer claims that the test you face through this app improves your short-term memory, so you should give it a try. BAT comes integrated with a leaderboard, so competition to be on the top list is very high.

Download Brain Age Test


The developer of this game claims that 2048 is a simple puzzle, but it’s not. You’ve to swap and move tiles of numbers to get the number 2048.

The Android puzzle game tests your logic skills like no other Android app. Many users have been playing 2048 for 12 to 15 months. But they haven’t managed to score beyond 10000 points.

Download 2048

6Unblock Me

With over 6500 puzzles and four difficulty levels, this app comes with hints. You can play this game in two modes – challenge and relax. Unblock me has been successfully used by many schools to improve thinking capabilities of students.

Download Unblock Me


Developed by June software, think comes with more than 350 tough puzzles. It shows images, and the user has to guess the picture that appears on the screen of a phone or a tablet. It also includes hints to assist users in solving riddles and puzzles

Download Think

8Find Differences

Bundled with plenty of brain teasers for adults and kids, the objective of this puzzle game is simple. You’re shown two pictures, and you’ve to spot the difference between them. The game has neat and clean graphics, leaderboard and a score tracker.

Download Find Differences

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9Best IQ Test

This game makes you aware of your Intelligent Quotient (IQ) level by making you solve math questions. The questions are tough. You won’t be able to answer them unless you think carefully.

Download Best IQ Test

10Mind games

The MG game is loaded with more than 30 clever puzzles that are suitable for kids and adults. In mind games, you may have to memorize a sequence of objects, arrange words, etc. MG also includes a vocabulary section where you can learn new words.

Download Mind games

Conclusion: If you’re searching for an effective technique to boost memory, vocabulary or keep your brain healthy, play the free puzzle games I’ve mentioned in this article.



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