Modern Android smartphones and tablets pack powerful hardware. They have a multi-core GPU, CPU, and a decent battery. They flaunt an HD, 1080p or a WVGA display. The handsets include WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth and two cameras. As the hardware in mobile devices is powerful, the battery that supplies power to it will drain faster.

To save power, the screen of the Android, Windows or IOS phone will automatically turn off after a few seconds. But this feature doesn’t guarantee that your phone’s battery life will be great. Some heavy apps might run in the background, and they’ll keep using the hardware which in turn, wastes the battery power.

To prevent this situation or to find and kill such apps, download any of the below top Android battery saver applications and use it. These apps will help you in saving every unit of power on your mobile device.

Top 4 Best battery saver app for Android 2017

5Battery Doctor app

Developed by Cheetah Mobile Inc, this app is one of the best task killers for Android. It can stop any process from executing in just a second. It lets you manage brightness and network connectivity on your phone or tablet.

This tool makes you aware of the battery temperature, its percentage and remaining charge time. Features of this top rated app are easy to use. It supports around 18 different languages. Read the full battery doctor review here.

4Juice Defender

This application can automatically optimize CPU performance and brightness of your phone or tablet. The app can manage battery draining services on Android devices automatically. JD lets you configure the features of the app if you don’t want to enable the auto battery optimization feature.

Juice Defender enables users to block apps from accessing WiFi or mobile data connection in the background. The app comes with widgets that allow you to manage power settings. It lets you schedule data connectivity in your Android mobile device.

Juice Defender logs every important event of the app in a file. It can disconnect or connect Bluetooth module on a phone depending on its status. The app provides 5 battery saver profiles.

Download Juice Defender

3Clean master phone boost

It has an average 4.7 rating and over 10 million downloads with its name. This app lets you remove junk files and apps that you don’t use. It supports more than 25 languages.

Phone boost detects and terminates processes that consume too much of the CPU power. Thus, battery current is not wasted. This app can free the system memory consumed by non-responsive or useless processes. It improves the response time of other running apps. It scans your Android device for malware and viruses. If phone booster app finds a potential threat, it will automatically remove the malicious program.

Download Cleanmaster

2DU Battery Saver app

With over 200 million active users, DU is the best battery saver app for Android tablets and phones. The application offers 1-click option to cool down the processor and save battery power.

DU enables users to monitor the battery usage on the mobile phone. It offers smart charge feature that makes sure that apps are not draining the battery when the user is charging his mobile device.

Like other apps, the DU-BS app comes with a smart widget module that allows users to change Bluetooth, WiFi, vibration, GPS and many other settings on their devices.

This app features five different power saving modes. It has an amazing user-friendly interface.

Download DU app

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Bonus tips to improve battery life:

  • Turn off the WiFi when you’re not using the Internet.
  • Disable Bluetooth immediately after the file transfer is complete.
  • Use a lightweight launcher app.
  • Decrease brightness of the display.
  • Don’t open high-resolution images when the battery is low on power.

Conclusion: Battery is one of the most important components in a tablet or phone. If you’re using an app which is draining battery juice like flowing water, make sure that you download one of the apps from the above list to save battery power.

If a virus or malware have infected the Android phone, the virus may be running in the background using the CPU and RAM. In this case, use an Android antivirus app to clean the infection. Use or comment form if you’ve some better tips to share.



  1. Kavita

    DU speed booster is an awesome app and it can optimize battery performance. Why you haven’t added it to this list?

  2. Pankaj

    Hi Pramod,

    I wasn’t aware of such battery saving android apps. I’m certainly going to use one of them and see how well they can improve my smartphone battery life.


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