What do you do when your computer becomes slow? Run defragmenter, clean up junk files? Is this enough? The answer is no. To make sure that your system is fast, you should use a system optimizer software.

PC optimizer tools should be quick and automatic. They should analyze the entire computer and fix performance issues with a single click of a button. If your PC has become slow and you’re searching for a free tune-up tool then check our reviews on CCleaner, GlarySoft utilities, Slimware SlimCleaner and System Mechanic Pro.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the applications mentioned above, go through the below brief review on Auslogics BoostSpeed, a robust program to fix a slow computer.

The BoostSpeed program from Auslogics is a one of the simplest system tuneup software for Windows. With this program, you can make your PC faster with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Getting Started

BoostSpeed is available for download as a free and premium application. For this review, I’ve downloaded the free version of BoostSpeed from auslogics.com. The setup file’s size is 15.6 megabytes. For installation, your system should have a minimum 70 megabytes free space on the HDD.

Once you download the setup file, run it and wait for BoostSpeed’s installation to complete. When Auslogics BoostSpeed has been installed, open it.

The program will begin scanning your PC immediately after you run it. Once the scanning is complete, the program will rate your system’s performance as Poor, Good or Excellent and it will display a repair all button to fix all issues.

As you can see in the below screenshot, my laptop’s performance has been rated as poor because I have never used any third party program to speed up my laptop.

Free Auslogics BoostSpeed downloadIf you trust this program, click on the repair button, else navigate to the below tabs to review the optimization points:


In this panel, the user will find the below functions:

  • Remove cached files and unused system, application, temporary files from the system.
  • Make your PC stable by removing broken shortcuts, missing software, help files, etc.
  • Boost the computer’s speed by fixing registry issues.
  • Improve network performance and shutdown speed.

In Auslogics BoostSpeed, the above features will be preselected. The User is allowed to uncheck any feature.

System Privacy

With this tool, users can remove tracking cookies, traces of adult websites, and login information that were saved to a session by your favorite website. Users can review the items that System Privacy tool of Auslogics BoostSpeed has found.

System Advisor (Pro Feature)

Auslogics BoostSpeed System AdvisorThe Windows operating system might be running some services in the background which you don’t use. These services will waste CPU and memory. The performance tool of Auslogics BoostSpeed will scan your PC to find unwanted services, and it will present an option to disable them. On my laptop, BoostSpeed recommended me to apply the below tweaks:

  • Disable touch keyboard and handwriting panel.
  • Enable automatic Windows login.
  • Disable password on wakeup.
  • Turn off first-time login animations.
  • Disable indexing, error reporting, telemetry, SMS router, PhoneSVC services.
  • Enable prefetching, etc.

Win 10 Tweaker

The Windows 10 Tweaker is a new feature introduced in the Auslogics BoostSpeed program. It lets you enable or disable new features of the Windows 10 users with a single click. The Win 10 Tweaker boasts options to disable or enable the below features:

  • WiFi sense.
  • Syn tools.
  • Microsoft Cortana.
  • Location tracker.

This utility allows you to remove links created by the uninstalled apps from the action center and delete backup files created by Windows 10. It has a function to enable adblocker, authorization wallpaper; aero peek view and metro x theme. It can remove demo content from your PC and boost the mouse speed as well.

Live Speedup

This is a RAM optimizer utility which works in a background mode. When enabled, Live Speedup will remove the resources loaded by processes which are now inactive. Live Speedup will automatically change the priority of active processes due to which they’ll get a better share of the processor than processes with lower priority.

Action Center

If you’re interested in trying out the other tune-up programs launched by Auslogics, then navigate to the action center.

Browser Cleanup

browser cleanupWith this utility, you can manage browser extensions. You can also set a default homepage and browser with it. This utility lets you restore original settings of a browser. It supports batch operation to disable, remove or enable plugins.

Conclusion: Auslogics BoostSpeed at a first glance, seems to be a simple tool with the same features as other tuneup programs. If you explore it, you’ll find a surprising number of features. The free version of BoostSpeed doesn’t have advertisements, but it does recommend you to upgrade to the Pro version. Nevertheless, the program does help in improving the computer’s boot time and its performance.


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