Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is the best budget phone right now. As the handset is running on the stock Android OS, it doesn’t have bloatware or useless apps which you’ll find in ROMs developed by other phone manufacturers.

Asus has kept its promise by launching FOTA updates on a regular basis but users are still facing some issues. The problems are caused by bad settings, misconfigured services, etc.

Here’s the list of the most common Asus Zenfone Max Po M1 issues and their solutions:


I charge my Zenfone Max Pro M1 once in 3 days. I’m not fond of playing Android games but I do use 4G or WiFi data connection 6/7 hours a day. If you’re not playing graphics intensive games for several hours, and your phone’s battery lasts for just 18 to 20 hours, you should:

Disable ZenMotion UI: Although this is a great feature, ZUI can drain the battery juice of a fully charged phone even when you’re not using the phone. Once, I had enabled this feature before going to bed. When I woke up in the morning, the battery had drained by 25%.

Find Third-party apps doing some background tasks: Find apps that are running in the background that are consistently using the CPU even when you’re not using them and remove/disable these apps. To do so, you can use the task manager app, Du Booster or CleanMaster.

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1

VoLTE support

To use VoLTE service on Zenfone Max Pro M1, you should follow the below steps:

  1. Open Network and Internet settings.
  2. Tap Mobile Network option.
  3. Select Advanced options.
  4. Finally, turn on the Enhanced 4G-LTE mode option.

The VoLTE support for a phone is provided by the carrier. M1 supports 4G-LTE and VoLTE technologies. If the telecom operator doesn’t support your phone yet, you should switch to another carrier or wait for it to support Max Pro M1.

Not getting updates

The first thing that you should do after buying Max Pro M1 is to register the phone with the company. You can do so with the pre-installed Asus Service app. If you are not getting FOTA update, make sure that you have registered your device with Asus.

If your phone has been registered, check your internet settings or disable the firewall/antivirus app you’re currently using. If this doesn’t work, reset your device.

EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization)

M1 supports EIS technology but this feature has been not enabled by Asus for the handset’s 3GB and 4G RAM variants. The company had enabled EIS for the 6GB version of M1 via the FOTA .331 update. In the coming weeks, it will enable EIS in the phone’s 4GB/3GB via an update.

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Slow charging

As Max Pro M1 doesn’t support fast charging technology, its battery takes out 3 hours to get charged. If an app is running in the background and using mobile/data, CPU, the phone might take more than 3 hours to charge.

Conclusion: Many users of the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 phone are suffering from the above 5 problems. I hope the solutions mentioned above work for you.


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